Finding Student Housing in The Netherlands

Finding Student Housing in The Netherlands

Moving To Netherlands to Pursue Your Dreams? – You can find some tips below on finding good accommodation

The Netherlands is one of the happiest nations in the world. Many students from all around the world come to study in the Netherlands because of the high ranked universities which offer a variety of courses in English. However, the nation’s complicated and thickly packed property market is no secret. Due to the high demand for student housing in Netherlands, it is quite a challenge to find a suitable place within your budget with the desired amenities.

Are you a student moving to the Netherlands? Then read on.

Type of student housing in The Netherlands – What to expect

Netherlands has many big cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht as well as famous student cities like Leiden and Groningen. Amsterdam is one of the best places to stay in the Netherlands, with students flocking to this amazing city for university courses, internships or for the cultural experience which makes it even more difficult to get an accommodation here.

To solve this problem, some of the universities in the Netherlands are offering on campus student housing facilities. If you are offered an accommodation, make sure to accept it immediately or else the opportunity might be lost. It’s wrong to expect big spacious rooms as the rooms in the student housing facilities are comparatively pocket-sized. However, they are not cramped either and you can have your space.

Other alternatives for student accommodation in the Netherlands include renting a room in a student house or renting a whole apartment with other students, which might be the cheaper option in the end.
A room in a student house would give you a private bedroom and shared facilities with the other tenants. A student house can have anywhere from three to six students. Have in mind that in most of the student housing facilities, it is very common for male and female students to live together. In many instances when renting only a room in a student house your rent will be inclusive and will already include all service charges. This, however, has to be discussed and established in advance.

On the other hand, the cost and the amenities of the student accommodation, in case of renting an apartment, is shared by the occupants. This includes the apartment rent and other common expenses such as bills for electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage. Finding an apartment to share with others would give you more options and freedom but also more responsibilities.

How can you find student accommodation?

Moving to the Netherlands? – Here are some ways to find student housing The Netherlands

Referrals – A lot of people prefer tenants who have been recommended by someone they trust. You can get some of the best rooms for rent using this age old yet highly effective method of networking. Spread the word using social media platforms, student platforms, and other channels and try to find someone who can recommend you. Furthermore, you can get in contact with students who are already enrolled and studying in The Netherlands. This can, in turn, save you time, money and help you avoid mistakes, as you will learn from someone else’s experience.

Go online – For international students, this is the best way to find privately owned properties. The rent is steep in such properties and you need to ensure that you get the contract done in order to avoid any legal complications or fraud.

Before signing anything or sending money, make sure you have enough information and got to know the landlord, tenants. Knowing of someone who can check the housing for you prior to your arrival is a sure way of avoiding fraud.

Rent and Bills – Plan Better

Because of the high demand for student housing The Netherlands, the cost of student accommodation is steep. On an average, an apartment for rent in the Netherlands costs between €600-€1500 a month with Amsterdam accommodation being the most expensive. The rent of rooms depends on various factors such as furnishing of the house, the number of tenants sharing the student accommodation, amenities available and so on. A furnished room for rent costs nearly €50 per night and if you book for a whole semester, it costs nearly €595. Room for a private rental can cost up to €600 a month in Amsterdam, €339 a month in Utrecht, and €373 a month in Rotterdam.

Make sure that you check what all is included in the apartment rent to know whether stove, electricity, TV, and the internet are part of the rent or not.

Tip to the student – Beware of scammers

No matter what student accommodation you choose in the Netherlands, make sure to read the contract carefully. Never sign a rental agreement without thoroughly reading and understanding it. Also, don’t pay a single penny without getting the signed contract in your hands. Beware of scammers who will always try to fool you. Make an informed decision and ensure that moving to the Netherlands is a fruitful experience.

Have a great time in the Netherlands!!