Living Alone vs. Living With Roommates

Living Alone vs. Living With Roommates

Choosing where to live in a new city is a very important decision. Deciding whether to share your home with someone or not is the second crucial one.

Do you want to live with other people? Or do you prefer living alone? Both living in a shared flat and living alone have their pros and cons. My name is Nanda and I’ve been living away from home for the last 8 years. I’ve lived alone, and now for the past year and a half, I’ve been living with 5 international roommates, so let me share with you what I’ve learned from that experience.


Which one is cheaper?

Flat sharing is normally cheaper than living alone – many students and young professionals live together to share expenses and save money. Of course, it depends on the kind of apartment you get and which area you choose, but sharing a home with 3-4 people normally works out to be cheaper than renting on your own. Whereas, when living alone, all expenses are on you and winter is coming. The bills will be on you and you only. So, it’s safer to always have a pocket of savings just in case something happens

Living amongs friends

Further, when you arrive in a new country/city for the first time, at the beginning living alone can get lonely. For this reason, your flatmates could become your very first friends. They will also help you develop a network of friends in your new city. However, not everyone enjoys crowded apartments. The biggest pro of living alone is that *you live alone*. Really, you are the king or the queen of your own space and you can literally let other people in or not. After a few years of flat sharing, it can be quite refreshing. But remember that feeling lonely in a new city can be one of the hardest things ever. If you are not good at enjoying your own company or making new friends, it can be incredibly hard to take.

The bad side

However, flat sharing is not all rays of sunshine and rainbows you will also have to work on your patience. There will be cleaning rotas and bill money disappearing from the bill jar by the door. There will be no hot water when it will be your turn to shower. There will be a party when you are exhausted and want to sleep. Accept all of this and understand that if you want to enjoy the pros, you’ll also have to take the cons.

The good side

Another plus of living alone is that it is your place your rules. Thus, you can invite friends over, have a board-games night, or a spontaneous party whenever you want. You will not be obligated to be considered of your roommates. On the other hand, when you share a flat with other students, you can have those spontaneous nights, with dinner and fun any night because they are in the room right next to you.


Overall, both living alone and in a shared apartment have their pros and cons. Remember one thing, whatever you choose should be based on your own character and preferences. Don’t be afraid to try both options, explore life. Live alone to get to know yourself better, live with other internationals to get to know different exotic cultures.