Moving To The Netherlands | What You Need To Know

Moving To The Netherlands | What You Need To Know

What you need to know for your preparation and integration before you arrive.

The new academic year is just around the corner, which means that thousands of international students are packing their bags right now and looking forward to a new beginning. If you are one of these students and you are planning to study in the Netherlands, you might find this post helpful.

We know that your next few weeks or months will be very exciting but also quite busy, so here are some tips that will help you prepare for your moving to the Netherlands and ease your integration.

Since the main reason for you to move is the university, it is advisable to finish your enrolment as soon as possible. Accept the letter of offer, right after you have made up your mind, and the next stage will be to pay the university fee. It might save you unwanted confusion if you pay it before you leave.

Once you receive your proof of enrolment from the university, you should instantly apply for housing. Due to the high demand for student accommodation, especially in the big cities like Amsterdam, it is possible that they will not find you anything. However, if they do, do not hesitate to accept it immediately.

As a plan B, it is also advisable to start searching on your own.

Facebook groups and online forums are worth the try for this purpose.

Part of your preparations will include some paperwork. Make sure that your passport and identification papers are valid. You need to bring your original and translated diploma, birth certificate and your certificate in English. Compile all these documents, while making sure that you have at least one printed copy for each document, as this will save you time and money later.

Most universities in the Netherlands offer workshops and have an intro week at the very beginning of the academic year. They are great ways to make some friends and learn more about the university before the hard studying begins.  If you are interested you must sign up for the workshops and buy your intro week ticket before the year starts because the places are limited.

You do not need to speak fluent Dutch to survive in the Netherlands since most of the Dutch people can speak English. However, if you learn a few Dutch phrases before you arrive, you might feel more confident and integrate easily.

Okay, now go pack your bag! We wish you a successful year and…Welcome to the Netherlands!