Personal Story by Veneta Fesliyska

Personal Story by Veneta Fesliyska

The Netherlands – love from first sight

I would not lie to you – studying abroad is not for everyone, it is not always easy nor smooth, there are many ups and downs you will have to go through. 

My name is Veneta and I am now a graduate of MScBA Strategic Innovation Management from the University of Groningen. If someone had told me three years ago that I would go and study in the Netherlands, I would not have believed him.

My journey abroad was intriguing, a bit challenging and mostly full of adventures. Unfortunately, it lasted only a year. I would only say that if I could turn back the time, I would have started way earlier with my education abroad and maybe study a Bachelor’s as well.

I know that for a Eastern European citizen it will be a kind of a cultural shock living in such a neat country, full of smiley people that are ready to help you, not complaining about the rain, the weather nor the government issues. You may be surprised that you do not need any cash with you, everywhere and everything could be paid by card. Random people would greet you at the local park, the ducks have their own bridges which help them to easily get into the lake, and the idyll is so amazing that you cannot believe how beautiful, quiet and safe a city could be.

It is easy to get used to the order and the beauty, at least for me it took just an hour until I was totally in love with the city. Luckily, I had a place where to live. I had two amazing Dutch girls for roommates who made my stay even more peaceful. I felt like I had my own Dutch family there.  I could easily say that Dutch people are open, friendly and they will help you with everything they can, no matter what this would cost them (or at least that was my experience).

As a Master’s student, I would definitely say that the Bachelor’s degree in Bulgaria is not a proper foundation, preparing you enough for the Dutch education system. The shock of the workload in the beginning was more than expected. However, the Eastern European students, as one of my German professors said, are hardworking and ambitious, so if you have the motivation, you will get used to it.

Be prepared – it will not be easy. Luckily, the professors are always willing to help you with all struggles you could meet within your journey.

If you ever wondered whether to study abroad or not, just do it. I would say from my personal experience – it is more than worth it. Not only for the lessons you learn throughout the journey, but also all the amazing people you will luckily meet. Just like I did, people who could change your mindset and who will get a place deep in your heart, at least in my case, forever. 

Thank you, the Netherlands, for the most amazing year in my life!

Lots of love,