Sharing accommodation in The Netherlands. Roommates or not?

Sharing accommodation in The Netherlands. Roommates or not?

To have a roommate or to live on your own – there are some important facts you need to take into consideration before you decide!

Planning on moving to the Netherlands, whether it is because you are about to study there or just because your heart tells you so? Well, you’ve made a good choice, but now it’s time to begin integrating. This article will give you some helpful insights on finding an accommodation in the Netherlands and whether it’s more suitable for you to live with roommates or by yourself.

Finding the most suitable accommodation for you is a major part of your integration and future well-being in the Netherlands because it will become your home far from home.

The first thing that you need to take into consideration is what your budget is. Of course, your main goal could be to have a spacious furnished place all for yourself without paying a ridiculous amount of money. However, this might be almost impossible to find, especially in cities like Amsterdam.

The prices for non-shared accommodations in cities, such as The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, are around 650€ and for Amsterdam can go up to 850€ and higher. If you prefer to live by yourself and the place that you’ve found is in your budget, you might have to prepare for additional expenses, such as electricity, internet, water, to mention a few.

Most people prefer living in shared apartments, which can be different types. For instance, student accommodations, only for girls, only for guys, mixed and etc. It is advisable to search for shared accommodation because it’s cheaper, the bills are shared, and you will socialize and make friends for life. The prices for living in a shared apartment vary between 450-550€ outside of Amsterdam and 550-650€ in the capital.

If your final decision is to live with roommates you must be aware that this can bring some inconveniences. You might not be able to bring guests, your roommates might not be as clean as you, the bathroom might not be available whenever you need it. That is normal, just make sure that you know your rights and don’t be ashamed to say something when things don’t seem fair. After all, this will be your safe place, make it as comfortable as possible.

When it comes to what is expected of you, just follow the rules stated in the contract ,do your part of the cleaning and respect other people’s privacy.

Now that you have an idea whether you want to live with roommates or by yourself, go ahead and find your new home. And remember that you can always keep searching for new accommodation if you don’t feel comfortable, or even find a shared place with your new friends from uni. If you need any help related to finding a new place, you can always get in touch with SimpleStay !